a motor vehicle with four wheels; usually propelled by an internal combustion engine (Freq. 1)

he needs a car to get to work

Syn: ↑car, ↑auto, ↑automobile, ↑machine
Derivationally related forms: ↑machinist (for: ↑machine), ↑automobilist (for: ↑automobile), ↑automobile (for: ↑automobile)
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Hypernyms: ↑motor vehicle, ↑automotive vehicle
ambulance, ↑beach wagon, ↑station wagon, ↑wagon, ↑estate car, ↑beach waggon, ↑station waggon, ↑waggon, ↑bus, ↑jalopy, ↑heap, ↑cab, ↑hack, ↑taxi, ↑taxicab, ↑compact, ↑compact car, ↑convertible, ↑coupe, ↑cruiser, ↑police cruiser, ↑patrol car, ↑police car, ↑prowl car, ↑squad car, ↑electric, ↑electric automobile, ↑electric car, ↑gas guzzler, ↑hardtop, ↑hatchback, ↑horseless carriage, ↑hot rod, ↑hot-rod, ↑jeep, ↑landrover, ↑limousine, ↑limo, ↑loaner, ↑minicar, ↑minivan, ↑Model T, ↑pace car, ↑racer, ↑race car, ↑racing car, ↑roadster, ↑runabout, ↑two-seater, ↑sedan, ↑saloon, ↑sports car, ↑sport car, ↑sport utility, ↑sport utility vehicle, ↑S.U.V., ↑SUV, ↑Stanley Steamer, ↑stock car, ↑subcompact, ↑subcompact car, ↑touring car, ↑phaeton, ↑tourer, ↑used-car, ↑secondhand car
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